Private Student Loan Consolidation


Our Cedar Ed Private Student Loan Consolidation products enables recent graduates to lower their private student loan rates and monthly expenses into one manageable payment.

  • Consolidate $7,500 - $125,000 in undergraduate federal & private student loan debt ($7,500 - $175,000 for graduate).
  • Variable rates ranging from 2.92%* (see application page for more details).
  • Take advantage of a 15 year repayment term with no pre-payment penalties, with a 4 year interest only option.
  • Benefits- Auto Payment Discount (see application page for more details).
  • Cosigner release available after 12 consecutive on-time principal & interest payments.
  • If applying on their own, the borrower must demonstrate 12 consecutive months of recent earnings history.

What you'll need to apply:

  • Name of your alma mater
  • Current amount of private student loan debt
  • Name, address, phone number and email
  • Social security number
  • Drivers license number

A *Cosigner if you do not have:

  • Steady reliable income
  • If your annual income is less than your requested loan amount, you most likely will not be eligible by yourself for the Private Student Loan Consolidation.

*Note: a creditworthy cosigner can increase the chances of getting approved and often will lead to lower rates for the borrower.

No origination fee!

What you'll need when approved:

  • Proof of graduation.

  • Government-issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport.

  • Proof of income, like recent pay stubs.

  • Payoff loan statement(s)


Apply Now for a Private Student Loan Consolidation!

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While most people may be familiar with the process of refinancing a mortgage in order to obtain better terms and a lower monthly payment, what many may not realize is that the same can also be done with student loans.

Private student loan consolidation can provide a great way to lower your private monthly student loan payments into one convenient payment each month. This can make your student debt much easier to manage – and it can even allow you to pay off your obligations much earlier than you thought possible.

By reducing your student loan payments into just one monthly expense, you also be much better able to budget for other expenses as well, such as rent or mortgage, auto loan payments, and other new debt that you may be taking on after college graduation.

How Private Student Loan Consolidation Works

Most college graduates exit the academic world with at least some amount of student loan debt. This can make finances tight – especially in today's tough job market. And, for those who have borrowed college funds from numerous different sources, it is likely that payments are due to many different lenders at varying times throughout the month. This can become a difficult juggling act.

There is a solution though. By consolidating many student loans into just one debt obligation, you are likely to reduce your overall interest rate and lengthen the loan term – essentially making your student debt much easier to manage. This can also help to give you some breathing room for paying your other living expenses.

In fact, assuming that you have an original amount of student loan debt with an average interest rate of 9.0 percent and a 15-year repayment term, you could save a great deal on monthly – and therefore annual – payments by combining your student debt obligations into a new loan with the same 15-year term – just by qualifying for a better interest rate now that you have graduated.

Your Student Loan Amount Your Assumed Current Payment Current Payment Your New Initial Consolidated Monthly Payment Your Monthly Savings Your Annual Savings

Additional Resources

There are many choices available today in terms of student borrowing, making it difficult to know which way to turn for the option that will best fit your specific needs. That is why having an expert source available can help a great deal in narrowing down the details that will move you towards your ideal private student loan consolidation.

Cedar Education Lending can help in providing you with a new consolidated loan, essentially making your monthly expenses easier to manage. We can typically consolidate undergraduate student debt of between $7,500 and $125,000, and graduate student loan debt of up to $175,000.

For your education refinance loan, you can choose a fixed or variable rate option, with fixed rates starting at 5.24% and variable rates starting at 1-month LIBOR + 2.65%. This is based upon your credit and other specific qualification factors.

You may also qualify to take advantage of our 15 or 20-year repayment loan term with no prepayment penalties. This can allow you the possibility of paying off your student debt early and without the worry of additional early loan termination fees.

In some cases, a cosigner may be required – especially if you do not currently have a steady income, or if the amount of your annual income is less than your requested loan amount. For those who may need a cosigner, however, there is a way to release that individual from your loan after making 12 consecutive payments of principal and interest.

Taking the Next Step

It is easy to get started on your private student loan consolidation. There is a great deal of information provided – all in one convenient place – via the Cedar Education Lending website. And, once you are ready to begin the process, an application may be completed right online.It is our mission at Cedar Education Lending to offer private funding options to those students who are currently pursuing a college degree, as well as to those individuals who are recent graduates of either primary or post-secondary educational institutions.